Change is hard...

But it is so good too. Today I have thought alot about changes in my life and how I deal with them. I was released from the Young Women's presidency today in my ward, and it is such a bittersweet thing. A part of me is so excited to be able to give that time to my children and husband, do some things I have wanted to do for the last two years and have simply had to let go. The other part is just plain sad. I grew to love the Young Women so much, and also the other women I have served with. I have made dear friends that I have learned so much from and I am better because of them.
Today as I sat in church, I just kept thinking "did I do enough?" "Did I adequately express my love and the love of our Savior for these dear Young Women?" And finally, "did I do the job my Heavenly Father called me to do?"
I don't know for sure the answers, but that isn't the important part :) The important part was realizing these are questions that we all have to answer, as mothers, friends, wives and daughters. And frankly, we never know when we will be "released" from our different callings, and when it will be time to be accountable to our Savior.
I have a renewed energy and desire to be able to answer these questions positively when it comes to my most important and treasured calling...that of Mother. Am I doing enough, am I showing my children my love for them and our Saviors, and mostly, am I doing the job my Heavenly Father has called me to do?
So today as I try to be grateful for one release, I am excited to work harder and be better and more loving in all my other "callings" :)


Together We Can

You are wonderful Tonii! I am inspired by how much you cared for your girls and how much you do for your children. I know that Heavenly Father was so proud of the work that your Presidency did for your ward. You are amazing!


Thanks Tonii, it is nice to have that reminder. And the Answers to your questions, YES you did, You gave it your all! With your other callings life, you amaze me in every one of them. You are an Amazing Mother (I have learned much from you, I want to be like you...) A wife, it seems you always tend to the needs of both your husband and your kids. You are a true Daughter of God, and you are one of those people that have that light, and you do express and show our Saviors love. The Young Women were touched by you, and they will continue to love you as you do them. You will be dearly missed in the Young Womens Program. But as MY friend, I am going to BUG you ALL the time to get together! Thank You for everything! You are amazing!

Cara and Mike

Amen Amen Amen to the other posts... Tonii - Where can I beging (with out repeating myself for the millionth time) - You are amazing. For the past two years I have been so impressed with your constant care and love for the YW in your ward. You did something for them every day, a phone call, check up on facebook, prayers... and spent hours and hours making things wonderful for them. I am so grateful for your example as a mother and wife... I will comment about that under a different post :) You are AMAZING


Love your blog. Your dedication to those young women is so impressive. I can tell by reading this that they were blessed to have had your support. Good luck focusing on that number one calling of motherhood. I hope you come visit me at my blog when you get a chance.

Thanks again for the sports themed ideas. I love the popcorn favors!

The Johnson Family of Colorado

Tonii, I love this posting. They are questions that we all ask. Being released from a calling you love is so hard, but you are right. You will be able to have a season with your hubby and kids that you might not had. I am sure you did an amazing job, as I already know that you do with your family. We hope we can see you and Paul at Thanksgiving time. Love you!