Fun Halloween Things

Once again, middle of November, I know. But I can't remember all this stuff so I thought I would put some of the fun things we did this year on the blog. Unfortunately they almost all had to do with food :) Aren't treats fun? Some of our favorites were white chocolate dipped nutter butters that looked like ghosts, triangle cupcakes we decorated to look like candy corns, and pistachio pudding with crushed oreo on top to look like a monster!! We did a fun craft where the girls put their feet in paint and stepped on a cute piece of Halloween paper, then we put eyes and a mouth and they turned into cute little ghosts, super cute and fun to have their little footprints. We did a really fun Young Women's activity too that I thought you could easily adapt into a family tradition. A few days before Halloween we dressed up in our costumes and went "trick-or-treating", but the trick was doing a service for your neighbor, and then you left them with a treat. It was really fun and I think it would be awesome to start with my little family next year. The other thing we did, was I made a house covered in felt and little decorations so Skylar could decorate the house. She LOVED playing with it! They sell something similar online for about 70 bucks, I think mine cost around 10 bucks to make. Anyway, now I have this all posted so when I can't think of anything fun to do next year, all I have to do is look on my blog :)


The Pond's Lily Pad

Tonii...are you the cutest mom or what?! You are amazing...it looks like you created some really awesome memories with your family! You definitely gave me some great ideas for my family to use next Halloween! I love yer guts....can't wait to see you!!

Flockhart Family

You are such a cute Mom. I am glad that you found our blog, I was going to e-mail it to you, but didn't know your e-mail. I am glad you guys are doing good. Your girls are beautiful. I can't wait to see the next one. We need to get together sometime soon.

Megan @ Megity's Handmade

You are such a cute mom!! If only I had the energy! I love your trick or treating idea. I think that could be a fun little tradition here too. Something to teach the kids not to be such candy beggers. :)