Spiritually Fed!

I feel so uplifted and inspired after watching and participating in this mornings Solemn Assembly. I feel so blessed to have been able to stand and raise my right hand to sustain our new Prophet and First Presidency. I got emotional as I watched my amazing husband stand and do the same, thinking of all the saints all over the world showing their love and support with their sustaining faith. I have a renewed determination to sustain our Prophet not only with my words, but mostly with my heart and my actions, to be better. I love conference, and I especially love the oppurtunity to teach Skylar about a living prophet and share my testimony with her. I can't wait for tomorrow!! :)



Wasn't that wonderful! I loved it!

Super Heumann

I loved it too. We were there and it was so special. There were several seats between me and any other relief society sisters so I almost felt like I was standing as an individual to sustain them.

It's also pretty cool to be able to say that I was sealed to my husband by the Prophet of the church on former Prophet, President HInkley's, 90th birthday.