Our newest hobby...

the Tango! Paul and I started a ballroom class last night, and it was a blast! We seriously had such a great time. And if I do say so myself, we are not terrible :) I think we caught on pretty quickly, and really had a lot of fun. The most amazing part?? It was Paul's idea! What a guy :) And to make the night even better, my kids were great for the babysitter (first time we have ever HAD a babysitter!) Skylar was asking when she could come back again. I think the hardest part about the Tango is keeping a straight face! Paul and I are the biggest nerds, we couldn't stop laughing. Watch out So You Think You Can Dance, here we come :)



We take a ballroom dance class also!! But, I don't know if Allen will willingly give that info out...it was my idea!

Jay and Bec

You guys are awesome!! I am jealous that dancing was your husbands idea! I don't think I could drag Jason onto a dance floor! I bet it's so much fun!! --I also love the previous 2 posts. You are such a great mommy! It's neat to hear about the love that you have for your little family!

Super Heumann

Thats so fun. We went to the Murray arts center last year the Saturday before mothers day. It costs the same as a movie. You can go an hour early and they will teach you the basics of the waltz, foxtrot etc., then you can go across the street and learn to swing dance. Then you can go back and dance the night away with a live band. Soo much fun! I want to do it again.