Date Night

Ahhh, date night. Can I just say how much I LOVE having a great babysitter! We went out on Friday and had a great time! It was so wonderful to know the kids were being taken care of and having lots of fun. We have amazing family that is more than willing to help out with watching our kids, but we always feel bad asking them, and then we try to be home early so they are not out too late, and it just gets a little difficult. So thanks Jaylee, you are the BEST!! Back to our date night:) Camille, this will make you laugh. Paul calls me right before to tell me he was just leaving and he was going to be late. Of course. He is always late when we or I have somewhere we have to be. Right before he called I had walked into the living room to find Skylar spraying Windex on Kendall. She said she was trying to clean her shirt. So obviously, I was in a bad mood! You know how you get so crazy trying to get the kids ready, get the house straitened, everything ready for the sitter, oh yeah, and not look like a total scrunge for your hot date! Anyway, I am doing all that and the doorbell rings. Then I am really mad, because I figure the sitter got here before Paul. This is what I open the door to...

How cute is that! While I was being a total BRAT because I thought my husband was late, he was actually waiting down the street so they could deliver this amazing fruit-flower thing! And boy was it good! It had chocolate covered strawberries and pineapple and lots of delicious stuff. It was so thoughtful and I loved it! Thanks babe!
We had made reservations at The Melting Pot, I was so excited because I have been wanting to go there forever. It was so great! Really fun atmoshpere and great food. We just sat and talked and ate for 2 1/2 hours, it was so much fun! After that we tried to make a movie, but they were all starting too late, so we just drove around and talked some more and enjoyed each others company. Seriously, one of our best date nights ever!!


Super Heumann

We went to the Melting Pot for our 5th anniversary but Steven really was late. He had been a scout camp all week, our babysitter was late and so was he. He came home took a 2 min. shower and we made one of the scouts sit with the kids until our babysitter showed up. I barely made our reservation.

My favorite part was dessert. MMmmm, chocolate covered everything!

Jay and Bec

My husband needs to get some tips from your husband!! SOunds like such a great night (minus the windex incident)