Too Fast!!

This whole baby thing is going by way too fast the second time around. I cannot believe in 2 weeks I will have a 4 month old! With Skylar I was always so excited for her to do the next thing and grow up, but with Kendall I just want her to stay my sweet little baby girl. When I look at her newborn pictures I am blown away with how much she has changed. She is starting to sleep almost 12 hours at night, and tries to sit up all by herself! And if you don't think she is getting much bigger, just take a look at those cheeks! Oh, I just squeeze her and kiss her all day! Some days I really miss my little 5 pounder, but I know I am SO blessed with my "preemies", because they are so well developed and catch up so quickly. Geez, if two is this wonderful, wouldn't three be even better? ;)


Our Awesome Family

Are you announcing something?? :)
She is so cute!! I have been looking at these pictures for a long time now and can't figure who she looks like. I think she has some of ALL 3 of you. She is adorable!!


No, it is definitely not an announcement!! But I will say if I could guarantee that my next would be as good as Kendall, I would not wait very long at all! I've got to try and catch up to you guys :)

Our Awesome Family

Just had to give you a hard time!! :)


so so so cute!!


She is sooo darling