Man, I am realizing how boring I am!! It was really hard to come up with 7 random things, but here goes! :)
1-When I am in the car, I totally have to JAM out to the music. We are not just talking about singing, I mean dancing, hand movements, everything!
2-This ones kind of embarassing, but I LOVE America's Next Top Model! Whenever I see reruns on I have to watch them. I don't know what it is, but that show is so addicting!
3-I am way anal about my daughters closets! Everything besides pjs are hung up, and they have to be hung up in outfits, grouped by which store I got them from. This is especially wierd if you could see my closet, not organized at ALL!
4-When I was younger, it was my ultimate dream to star in a Broadway Musical, Les Miz would have been my first pick!
5-I love holiday traditions!!! It doesn't matter what the holiday, but I love doing fun things, especially now that Skylar is getting a little bit older. Some we have stolen from my family (valentines man, Perry Como CD Christmas morning) some from Paul's family (Christmas letters) and some that are just our own!
6-Before I had kids I could only picture me with sons. Now that I have two daughters I can't believe how much I enjoy all of our girl parties!! Painting our nails, wearing tiaras, watching a movie and eating popcorn! I LOVE my girls!!
7-Being a mom has made me such a better person!!! I still have so much to work on, but something about looking at my little angels makes me want to be so much better! My children are two of my greatest blessings!!

Sorry if that was super boring! :)