Primary Balloon Birthday Gifts

Happy Monday everyone!  I am still lucky enough to get to serve in our wards Primary as chorister, and we did something new for birthdays I thought I would share today!  These turned out so cute, and when we did them for the first time yesterday the kids seemed to really love them.

I actually saw this cute idea HERE, but I made my own balloon printables to include lyrics from our favorite Primary birthday song.  Once I had my balloons printed and cut out I just taped them to the top of a silly straw and they were ready to go!

I just went to my local dollar store and was able to get a six pack of silly straws for $1, not too shabby!  In our ward we also have the kids show their balloon to the bishop after church and he gives them a treat as well. 
Feel free to right-click, copy and print away with these balloons and make some Primary Balloon Birthday Gifts of your own! :)



This is so cute!!! I am Primary President in our ward and I think I will just have to try this. Thank you for sharing!!!!!