January's Service Project: Mini-craft Bags for Children's Hospital {Serving with young children}

Today we wanted to share with you a really fun service project that we put together last night!  It is always kind of hard to find something that our whole family can participate in, and also something that the kids can really get passionate about...this service project was fun, simple and the kids loved every minute of it.
A while back one of our sweet nephews had an accident and ended up at Primary Children's Hospital.  It was pretty scary for a while, and we were just in awe of the amazing people that took care of him.  When we went to visit we were able to go to this amazing craft/playroom they have for patients and visitors.  Aside from all the really cool, fun toys they had an amazing arts and crafts area.  My kids are STILL talking about the silly putty they made there :)  I was really touched and asked the volunteer there if they accepted donations.  She told me the majority of what they are able to provide comes from donations, and I have been thinking about that ever since! 
I finally decided to get my bum in gear, so for our Family Home Evening last night we put together these simple, mini-craft bags to donate to the children's hospital.
The fun thing about this service project was the kids got to make all the crafts and then assemble all the different pieces in bags.  After that I made instructions that we printed out and stapled to each bag.  We made about 10 bags of each of the 3 crafts, and we were able to stay under $15, also using supplies we had on hand, for the entire project!
These are most of the supplies we used to make our 3 fun crafts!

For our Beaded Hearts we just used red and white pipe cleaners with white, red, and clear pony beads.  Print out the above instruction sheet and you are good to go!
 Our heart chain craft was really simple as well, all you need for this one is strips of red, white, and pink construction paper and a stapler :)

Finally, my kids favorite, were the Love Bugs we made :)  I find the inspiration for these HERE, and I think they are just adorable!  For these you need clothespins, poms in pink and red, googly eyes, and pipe cleaners. 
Now we have our craft bags ready to go and we will be delivering them to Primary Children's tomorrow night!  If you are interested in doing something for Primary's too feel free to check out the information HERE...there are some great ideas and things that CANNOT be donated as well.
Thank you so much for stopping by today...and please share!  What are some of your favorite service ideas for families with young kids??