Top 12 Pictures of 2012!!

One of my MOST favorite bloggers, Rachel over at I Heart Crafty Things, did a great post showcasing her 12 favorite pictures from 2012.  I loved this idea SO much, I thought I would do the exact same thing :)  So sit back and enjoy...my 12 FAVORITE pictures from our blog in 2012!!
After MONTHS of ridiculously hard training (when I started I could barely do a mile without stopping!) my family cheered me on as I finished my first 1/2 marathon.  I beat my time goal (barely!;) and I am looking forward to try and do another one after our baby makes his grand appearance this spring.

Last January we had a blast making white playdoh and turning it into snowmen.  Since we didn't have any of the real stuff my kid loved this fun substitute!

This picture always cracks me up.  Instead of patiently waiting to use a plastic spoon to get his egg out...my little guy just reaches in his whole hand :)  He is ALL boy and I love every single bit of him.

And he is NOT always thrilled with out crafts!

One of our favorite weeks last year was learning all about Dr. Suess and specifically Horton Hears a Who. 

The kids on Easter Sunday

My favorite shot from Avrie's one year pictures...totally priceless!!

ALL looking at the camera and smiling...a miracle indeed!!

Kendall and I got to have some fun girl time and do Wicked Witch of the West facials...love this girl!!

What can I say?  My favorite shot from our family pictures in 2012!

Paul and I FINALLY went on a vacation without kids...it was my dream trip to Hawaii and we LOVED every minute of it!!

The kids "burying their weapons" after learning about the people of Ammon.  I love family home evening and I love to see my children love it as well :)

As these girlies are getting older and bigger one of our favorite things to do is bake yummy treats together in the kitchen.  The mess is always huge...but the memories are worth it!! ;)
What a wonderful year we had!!  There were trials, heartache, stumbling blocks and disappointments along the way too...but just like our blog says, these pictures remind me there are ALWAYS Blue Skies Ahead!! 
I hope you and your families have an absolutely fantastic New Years!!