Our Elf is at it again!!

 One of our favorite traditions the last few years has been having our very own little Christopher Elf come and stay with us for the month of December!

The kids wake up every morning excited to see what kind of shenanigans he has been getting into and where they will find him that day.  It is just one simple thing we do to make Christmas even a tiny bit more magical.   It's actually a lot of fun for me and Paul too :)  We stay up late trying to think of funny things to do with him that the kids would love, and laugh ourselves silly over some of the ideas we come up with.

Here is where we find Christopher so far this year :)

Since we don't have any snow in Utah right now, Christopher had to get creative and use marshmallows to make his snowman.

This has been my favorite one so far.  Christopher got a hold of Santa's List and was checking it twice :)  I got this adorable printable from Lil Luna and just added my kids names to the Nice side.

Christopher is apparently pretty crafty...look at those paper snowflakes!!

Christopher and his pals having their weekly game night.

Finally we found our little daredevil elf repelling over our banister with our unused Christmas lights!

There are SO many great ideas out there, and these are just the few that we have done this year already.  I can't wait to see what else Christopher gets into this year!! ;)


Ashley Richards

My favorite is Christopher and his buddies playing the game. That is too cute!


Hopped on over from Happy-Go-Lucky! I just posted about starting this tradition with my son. He is only 5 months so we haven't really done much this year though :) Joining on as a new follower!

Tonia L

Adorable! My kids are too old for this but it looks like so much fun!!