Word of the Year!

I cannot believe it is already time again to choose a word to focus on for the upcoming year! 2010 was a big year for our family, LOTS of twists and turns, amazing blessings and humbling trials. I think 2011 will have just as many changes as we will again be moving, welcoming a new baby to the family and who knows what else?!

As with the last two years I have done this, the word I have chosen came to me quickly and without a doubt! There are so many things I need to work on, but this one immediately struck me as what I want to focus on this year. My word of the year for 2011 is......


As I said 2011 was a very humbling year for us, and in the midst of it all our blessings and the service of others was what shone through. I am thrilled to take 2011 to focus on all the different ways I can serve in my life. First and foremost, serving my family. I am excited to serve my family, to help all of us become better and closer to our Savior. I am looking forward to serving in the Church, while we have been staying in Eagle Mountain we have not had the opportunity of serving in callings. I have been so surprised to find out how much I have missed it! I love the associations it brings, I love how much more I depend on the Lord to make up for what I lack. I am excited to serve in the Temple. I am excited to look past my little family and our needs and serve those in our community that have so little. On Christmas Eve this year we went to The Road Home shelter and donated a trunk full of toys and baby clothes. It was a life changing experience for me and hopefully my kids too. Often in our prayers now Skylar will ask Heavenly Father to bless the kids at the homeless shelter. We were so humbled and only wished we had done more. We have made a family commitment to do something each month (ie make blankets, put together hygeine kits etc) so by the time next Christmas Eve rolls around we will have a donation that really means something, that we have all worked for.

If you feel overwhelmed by New Year's Resolutions I encourage you to pick just one word, its a great way to feel your making a change without going overboard :) If you need some ideas, here are my words for the last two years!! Have a Happy New Year everyone!!