A little more birthday fun!

Since we were already having our monthly family dinner with Paul's side on Skylar's birthday, I decided to throw a little something together for Skylar and her cousins so she didn't feel like she got TOTALLY jipped on a birthday party :)

It was so lovely to not have to do invitations, tons of food, and get my house spotless, but to let Skylar celebrate her special day with her cousins. This is just worked out a lot better with our crazy life right now :) Ok, I am no professional or anything, but I thought this all came together pretty cute and was very simple:

The first thing I love to think about is the cake! I usually go with cupcakes and this time was no different. Skylar LOVES the Disney movie Princess and the Frog, so I decided to go with that for a theme. It also worked out nicely because its not TOO princess-y for the boys :) So I made half the cupcakes frogs and the other half were purple with Tiana cupcake toppers. The toppers didn't turn out that great, but hey, you get what you get :) I loved the frog cupcakes and was surprised at how easy they were. You simply frost your cupcakes with green frosting and then sprinke with green sugar. Then cut a marshmallow in half and dip the tops of the halves in water. After you have done that roll the top in green sugar to create the eyelids and then stick in a chocolate chip! I used toothpicks to keep the eyes steady and pink frosting for the mouths.

For a fun simple game I borrowed my friend Krista's darling idea :) I had Paul draw a big frog (isn't he talented?!) and then I cute out a bunch of big lips. The kids then played Pin the Kiss on the Frog. It was a hit that even the younger kids could participate in.

Finally, the party favors! I gotta say, I thought these turned out pretty cute and SO simple! I got some Princess and the Frog stickers, placed them in a cellophane bag with Haribo green gummy frogs and you guessed it....Hershey Kisses!! Get it?? :) Tied up with purple and green ribbon and there you have it!!

We had a lot of fun and Skylar felt very special :) I love my big girl and cannot believe my baby is 5! This next year is going to be so exciting for her with so many opportunities for learning and growth, I love you Skylee-Boo!!



Darling as always! Love the great idea and I also loved your last post with the cereal. I'm going to do that sometime. Thanks again!

P.S. You're moving? I hope not too far away. At least you'll keep the awesome tips coming no matter where you are, right?

Chanty Cling

You have a bunch of great ideas. What a cute mom you are. You had a good example your mom was always a cute mom too.
I don't know if you heard about Dave Lyon, but he was hit by a bomb over in Afganistan. He has to have both legs amputated and maybe his arm. Anyway, I thought you might want to know. I couldn't believe it, I was so sad to hear about it. It makes it seem too close to home.


Appreciate the recommendation. Will try it out.
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