Birthday Boy!!

Britton's birthday fell on the day before we came home from New York so we decided to wait to celebrate. Well you know how life goes, one thing after another came up and almost 2 weeks late we FINALLY celebrated our little man turning 1!

Today I want to write some of my favorite things about the little boy that has completely stolen my heart.

* Britton LOVES taking baths. As soon as he hears the water running he takes off for the bathroom and its all I can do to keep him from diving head first into the tub! He loves having water dumped over his head and screams like a maniac when we have to take him out :)

* Britton is all boy! As soon as he sees a ball or a car he knows just what to do with it. He loves it when we toss balls to him and is quickly learning how to throw them back.

* Britton is very....hmmm......busy :) Just like I had to do with his oldest sister, all I do is follow him around all day and make sure he is not getting into anything life-threatening. Today for the first time he opened up the front door and tried to escape, luckily the other two little mothers in the house notified me of the break-out attempt :)

* Britton gives the best kisses! We are talking open-mouth, slobbery kisses with the "mmmwwwhhawww" and everything. Even though he is pretty stingy with them, once he starts you can't stop him :)

Britton is an absolute joy in our home. Some days when I have felt overwhelmed or inedequate the BEST part of my day is going into Britton's room and seeing his face light up when I walk in. Those are the moments that are all worth it. I love you Buddy Boy, and Happy Birthday!!


Hollie Hanson

Awwww! Happy Birthday Britton! It is crazy how fast the year has gone by! He is such a cutie and such a stud!


Happy Happy Birthday to that cute boy you call BRITTON!

Chanty Cling

How fun to have that first birthday. It is crazy how fast time flies once you have your own kiddos.