She works hard for the money...

Okay, not really for the money, since I don't actually get paid for the work that I do, but you get the idea! :)

On Saturday Paul and the girls went out with our fantastic friends for a day on the boat. I stayed home with the little guy and tackled the mountains of ridiculous laundry. 8 hours later I was still not done, but the end was in sight!

It looked and sounded like everyone had a blast, but I have to say finishing that laundry felt SO good! You know you are a mom when you beg your hubby to take the kids for a day so you can CLEAN :)

Anyway, those are 2 adorable pics from Maryann's blog of my girls and her two cuties, Max and Carter. And thanks so much Nate for taking them all out. I know they get crazy, but they sure love you guys!


The Pond's Lily Pad

Oh Tonii...those are the most ADORABLE photos ever!! Looks like a blast!! Sorry you had to stay home and do laundry; but I know what you mean about getting stacks and stacks of laundry out of your way; it is well worth missing one boat trip to do it!! luv ya


I love those pics!!! Good Job Maryann! Sorry you had to miss out, but it is nice to get caught up on all that fun CLEANING stuff!:) You are such a trooper ALWAYS!

Kristen Weller

I really love that top picture- definitely a keeper!

Nate Anderson

Summer time fun... not really with laundry... but with the kids!