I forgot to post this

A couple of weekends ago KBULL 93 was having a promo where you could go to the cornmaze at Thanksgiving Point for 93 cents! It is usually 10 bucks a person so it was a great deal. We had such a great time, thanks Crista for telling us about it. They had a fun little are where the girls could dress up like princesses and sit in Cinderella's pumpkin thing :) There was a ton to do, and I love fall, so it was a blast :)


Kristen Weller

Oh my goodness! Michelle's daughter Allie would have DIED to get a picture in that carriage. So cute. I love fall too!


Oh...look how cute she looks, and I know how much she loves the princesses!!

Jay and Bec

How fun! I am a sucker for a deal too! I bet your kids were in heaven.

Nate Anderson

humm... its a wonder why you have not updated this blog...
i really hope that its not because of me...