Hello world of Blogging!!

Well here we go!! I swore I would not start a blog, because I am on the computer enough as it is. But as I have been looking at everyone elses it is so fun to see all the big and little things going on in your lives! So we will start and see how it goes! We are just in recovery mode from Halloween. For those of you that know Skylar, the last thing she needs is sugar! She is off the wall as it is!! But we had a great time taking her out in the neighborhood and going trick-or-treating. She couldn't get enough and kept asking to go to one more house. She loved telling everyone "Happy Halloween!!" Kendall was a doll and loved being pushed around in the stroller while Skylar nabbed all the candy she could! So fun!!


The Johnson Family

Hooray!!! Welcome to the blogging world. Your girls were so cute at Halloween. What a great way to get a goal in Young Womens.


I am SO happy you have joined us!! Super cute!!!! Love the pics!!! You can add us to your list - you will now be on ours!


Thanks guys!! I am a little worried though, it is already pretty addicting. I am sure I will get my 10 hours in way too soon!!