Homemade Bird Feeders {Bird Week}

 This week we are learning all about birds at our house, and I found a fantastic idea from the gals at Eighteen25 that I knew would be the perfect activity for my kids...

Homemade Bird Feeders!

These were the perfect quick and fun activity to fill up our morning before my kids went to kindergarten, preschool and nap time ;)

All you need to make some of your own are bird food ( I got this bag at my local grocery store), gelatin packets, wax paper, twine or string, and cookie cutters.

To start off you simmer 1/4 C water with one packet of gelatin.  Once your gelatin is dissolved you take your pot off the heat and let cool for a minute.  Once its cool add one cup of bird seed and mix well!

Then you just put your cookie cutters on some wax paper and fill them up about halfway.  Cut a piece of twine and push it down in the middle, then fill the rest of your cookie cutter and pat it down hard!

This little cutie loved picking out her cookie cutters and packing in the bird seed...the hard part was waiting for them to harden ;)  The original post said to wait overnight...we were way to impatient so we only waited about 3 hours and then stuck them in the fridge for about 30 just to make sure they would hold together.

Once they were ready we popped them out, and ran outside to hang them up!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out our homemade birdfeeders, hope you are all having a wonderful week where ever you are! :)


Michelle Paige

These turned out so cute! What a fun idea!

Brendan Murphy

I am going to try making bird feeders with the kids at my preschool
They look so good and easy enough to do. Thankn you