Let Your Light Shine for Singing Time!

Wow...where does the time go?!  I could give you a million reasons why I am a terrible blogger these days, but really...you've heard them all before ;)  Life is busy and chaotic, most of the time I feel like it is all passing by in a blur, and the blog is always the first thing that gets pushed aside.

With that said though, I recently got a new calling at church and am excited to share some of the awesome ideas I have found on other blogs and some things that are working well for me :)  I am the lucky lady called to be the Primary Music Leader...I kid you not, I think its the best calling in the church.  I am having an absolute blast teaching the kids new songs, getting to act silly with them, and prepare great activities to get them excited about singing too.  Mostly though, I love the Spirit that I feel there.  Hearing those sweet little voices sing precious eternal truths gets me every time...I'm probably the only music leader that cries every week :)

Since I only received this calling two weeks ago I haven't had time to do too many things yet, but the first thing I knew I wanted to come up with was a way to choose helpers during singing time.  I was previously a primary teacher, and without fail, EVERY week, the kids in my class would be sad that they hadn't been chosen to help during singing time.  I wanted to come up with a sure-fire way to make sure everyone got a turn to help, and I came this is what I came up with :)

Let Your Light Shine for Singing Time!

All you need to make some for your primary are a bunch of glow sticks, washi tape, a bucket and my printabes ;)

I simply wrapped a piece of washi tape around each glow stick and then cut it to look like a flag.  That step is SO not necessary...but looks a lot cuter ;)  Then I wrote the name of a primary child on each stick.  Every week I draw out my helpers, and they get to keep their glowstick after they help out.  Then I know by the time my bucket is empty EVERY child has had the chance to participate in Singing Time!

Last Sunday was my first week doing this, and I think it was a total hit.  The kids were so excited to get their glowsticks, and they were ALL reverent, hoping their stick would get chosen.  Another plus...you can get glowsticks for pretty cheap.  I got packs of 15 at the Dollar Tree and used washi tape and buckets I already had on hand.

Above are the printables I used to tape on the front of the buckets.  Feel free to save to your computer and print for yourself!

Thanks so much for stopping by today...any fellow Primary Music leaders out there?  I would love to pick your brains on how you are teaching this month's song, I Stand All Amazed... Leave a comment and share your awesome ideas :)



Whata. Fun idea! I am not a music leader, however our music leader brought a teddy bear and picture of Christ and talked about how the song. And what it means is so special to her, and fuzzy warm feelings ( you probably get the idea) and tied it to the bear being warm and making you feel good. She had the kids pass it around and when the music stopped, the kid had to say what word of the song came next. The kids LOVED it, and it taught them the song fairly quickly... The spirit was so strong.
Good luck!

The Allen Family

What a fun idea!! I have the same calling. I just may have to copy you on this. For I Stand All Amazed I'm doing what Pat Graham shared on her blog. So far it's been great. :)

The Allen Family
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Michelle Paige

Congrats on our new 'job'! I love this idea to give the kids a toy after they've been chosen. Perfect!


This is such a great idea Tonii! Pinning! Nichole @Or So She Says

Jennifer @ Delightfully Noted

Such a smart idea!! What fun.