Feed the Penguins Math Games and Activities {Polar Animals Week}

 Hello everyone!  Is it absolutely freezing where you are this week?  It's not nearly as bad here as it is in other places...but it is definitely COLD :)

I thought this would be a perfect week to learn and explore all about Polar Animals, and we kicked off the week with some fun penguin activities that helped us work on simple math skill and enjoying a fun rhyme too :)

First up, I made this printable with six cute penguins.  I printed them out on cardstock and we used them for 3 different activities.

To get started on your penguin fun you just need your printed-out penguins and some Goldfish crackers.

Then I just made 3 separate piles on our table of goldfish.  I had my little preschooler identify how many goldfish were in each pile, and then find the penguin with that number and put it next to the fish.  This was a great way to work on not only counting, but also recognizing each number as well.

Next up I wanted to focus on simple addition so we came up with our Feed the Penguins Math Game! :)

To get started I taped each of the penguins to a craft stick to make our Penguin Puppets.  Then we got out a plastic cup and had my little guy pick out two penguins to stick in the cups.  When he had his penguins in the cup he would add up the numbers on the penguins and "FEED" the penguins by putting that many goldfish into the cup.  It actually turned out to be tons of fun, and my little guy worked on simple addition problems for over 30 minutes!

Finally, since I already had our Penguin Puppets we used them to act out this darling poem I found and made a printable for.

My two-year old especially enjoyed acting out the rhyme and has been playing with those silly little penguins all afternoon ;)

I hope you enjoyed our penguin activities and come back later this week for more penguin fun, plus polar bears and LOTS more! :)