Printable Zoo Scavenger Hunt!


Hey everyone!  I cannot believe it is Thursday already!  There are just not enough days in the week to do all the fun things I have planned ;)

Usually Thursday is our Field Trip Day, but we had to switch it to Friday this week.  My kids are SO excited to be going to the zoo tomorrow, and I thought I would share the scavenger hunt printables we will be taking with us :)

I made these two printables last year and my kids LOVED them.  Just take a few clipboards and pens and you are ready to go.  It makes the zoo just a little more exciting and keeps the kids engaged too.

The first one I made is for the younger kids, I laminate mine and then give my little guy some dry erase markers.  He can circle each animal as he sees them, or make marks to tally how many of each we see!

My girls REALLY loved this other scavenger hunt.  The kids have to try and find animals that start with each letter of the alphabet.  This is a great way for the kids to practice spelling and writing, and for my almost 5-year old, letter recognition.

Print them off, laminate them, and you have your own scavenger hunt anytime you go to the zoo!

Thanks for coming by today, and don't didn't really think I would go a whole week without a fun snack, did you?! ;)  I'll be back with one a little bit later!!


The Allen Family

SO fun and cute! This will definitely make the zoo even more exciting. Thanks for sharing!

Debra Hawkins

I love the way you did the scavenger hunt with the letters! That way it fosters education in more than one way! Love it!


I'm a friend of Mike & Cara's and just wanted to say that you're my idol! I find inspiration on your blog that is easy to implement into my own life, not to mention all the cute things you let me download - for free! Thanks for being a great example!



I love this! I just don't see the link to print it. Please help :) Thanks!