Santa Pancakes!

Now that we are almost to December I wanted to share a fun, simple breakfast I have made with my kids the last couple of years to kick of our favorite month of the year! It's a fun way to get them excited about Christmas and celebrate December 1st.

I give you....

Santa Pancakes!!

These are about as easy as you can get. You just make up a bunch of pancakes, then slice up some strawberries and get a can of whipped cream. Use the strawberries to make Santa's hat and the whipped cream for the rest of his hat and beard. Top it off with some chocolate chips for the eyes and you have your very own Santa Pancake :)

I love the Christmas season and am excited to share some of the ways we are trying to make it special in our home this year! I have a really fun Christmas countdown using all the symbols of Christmas, some great crafts for the kids, and lots more.

Thanks so much for stopping by and hope you are enjoying this beautiful holiday season so far! :)



You are too cute, Tonii! I'm am sooo going to do this! Thanks for sharing all these awesome ideas! And your positive attitude!

Mindie Hilton

These pancakes are adorable. I would love for you to strut your stuff at Bacon Time's weekly anything goes linky.


Happy New year!