Just what I needed....

A vacation to Disney World that is!! :) I have to tell you, as I'm sure you can tell by my month-long absence...I have not been feeling like myself lately. I am attributing it to feeling yucky and having ZERO motivation to do much of anything, but I finally feel like I am back to normal! I think the thing that really helped me was getting away with my adorable little family and enjoying each other and the magic of Disney. Was it the perfect vacation? Nope, not even close!! We started the day of our departure with 3 of us having the stomach flu, Kendall and Britton throwing up every 20 minutes from 2-8 in the morning! Luckily the dr hooked us up and we were fine for the flight. The kids would get tired and grumpy, and because of some complications I had had with my pregnancy the week before I had to take it easy and ride a scooter everywhere. The flight home was straight out of my nightmares and made us vow to NEVER fly for at least 3 more years with our children :) HOWEVER....take one look at these pictures and you will see precious memories made, bonds forged even stronger and a family that is SO far from perfect, but that really loves each other!! :) Enjoy and stay tuned for LOTS more posts with fun activities for the kids, crafts and lots more!!


Hollie Hanson

How fun!!! I am so glad you got to get away with your adorable family :) The girls are such princesses! And of course Britt is just a little heart breaker!
Ok, are you seriously not even showing yet? I kinda hate you right now. JK!
Ahh so much fun!


Sometimes you gotta get AWAY to maintain SANITY! :)


Tonii! I love it! im so glad you at a good time! I love you and your family so much! I can't wait to have your little baby to snuggle with ;)

Steven & Becky Heumann

Howie!!! I hope you start feeling better soon!