Life is so interesting...

...don't you think?? You think you have everything all planned out, you accept the challenges and decide to forge ahead and the next day WHAMMO!! Things have completely changed and its time to accept something different and embrace whatever comes your way. This has been our way of life for the last several months and I have learned alot about myself and the things I need to work on. Do you want to know what I have learned? Oh all right...I'll name just a few ;)

-My family and I can be happy ANYWHERE we go. Whether its our ideal little home that we LOVED in Herriman, or the upstairs bedroom at my in-laws house. Happiness is a choice, and I am trying to choose it every day.

-I have been blessed with the most amazing inlaws you could ever imagine! About a week ago when we thought we might get our home back my father-in-law said we couldn't go yet....that we hadn't stayed here long enough. Seriously?! We have completely turned their quiet, calm house upside down and they have been so kind to us the entire time. I honestly feel that my inlaws (all of them, parents, brothers and sisters ) are MY family, I just found them through marriage instead of birth.

-I have learned that Paul really is my best friend. Nothing more to say about that...its just a fact.

-I have learned how resiliant my children are. It was a tough transition to leave our home, but they are thriving here. Paul and I decided they will remember this experience exactly how we make it for them, so we lovingly call this stage in our life " Our Big Family Adventure!!" :)

-Last, but certainly not least....I finally learned the right way to chop up green onions. I can't believe all these years I have been throwing away the good part and using the chives! :) I think my mother-in-law is still laughing about that one!

Thanks for joining me for this little reminder of some things we've experienced the last few months. I want to take every chance I can get to grow and learn and become better, and I think this experience is helping all of us do just that!

Remember how this blog used to be fun and creative and full of ideas?? Well, they are going to be making a comeback BIG time!! I havent been able to do much with blogging since I have been using my inlaws computer, but I am getting mine back next week so watch out!! :)



Been waiting for an update by you MISSY, miss you! Hope all is well! Looks like JOY is your word!

Chanty Cling

Glad that you are back. I have been stealing some of your ideas for the preschool I am teaching this year. You have a ton of cute ideas. You should put a picture of your new house online. My husband bult a bunch of the houses in daybreak when he was framing.



I can hardly wait for an update now after reading your blog. I think to myself, where is she moving? How will it end up! Crazy. Also I learned the same lesson you did about being happy any where. I know our situations are different but we just moved to a very small apartment and it was hard at first but now I love our little place. Cute family pic!


I know Alecia, isn't the suspense great! :p
Miss you too Shanny...I need to come snuggle that gorgeous little girl of yours!
Alecia, I am so glad you are loving your new place! Its amazing what you can learn to live without, isn't it?
Chantel, I am SO glad someone else is getting some use out of all those ideas, I bet your preschool is wonderful. We actually ended up losing our rental in Daybreak two weeks before we were supposed to move in, hence the whole living with out inlaws thing! :) We are currently in negotiations with our bank to get back into our house...its been one wild ride!!


that would be awesome to have you back here! hope it works out. glad you have made the most of your adventure!


Tonii, we miss you so much! Give your family a hug for us!

Heather Walter

I can relate to everything you have written! We are going through something similar right now and it's been an emotional rollercoaster! Thank goodness for sweet children and a husband who truly is your best friend. Good luck with everything!