Britton's Blessing

What a beautiful, perfect day! I couldn't hold back the tears as Paul held our little man and gave him a name and a blessing. We were surrounded by so many friends and family that have blessed our lives so much, it was overwheming and incredibly humbling. Thank you so much to all those that come and showed their love for us and Britton. He is a very special little boy, and I know he has been sent to our family for a very special purpose.

And yes, he is wearing cuff links! :)


Kristen Weller

Those cuff links are adorable! Sorry we couldn't be there, but I'm happy it went so well. He is such a cutie (Britton, not Paul...) :)

Steven & Becky Heumann

Love the cuff links...that is very Tonii. :)

Hollie Hanson

I just love him! I need to come hold him some more. WHen I don't have to share him with other people ;P
IT was a beautiful blessing and your little family is so beautiful. Luv you guys!

The Pond's Lily Pad

What a special blessing that was! I was so happy that I could be in attendance. He is such a precious baby boy. Isn't it amazing what a little baby brings to the home? congratulations to all of you!!


i don't know if you will get this by tomorrow but Ella's mom is looking for you she asked if i knew your number and i don't have it anymore so i told her i would try to email and blog you. Ella's party has been moved to 11am Monday the 15.


He is so so so so cute, lucky fam! Beautiful blessing as well!


I miss Britton! I can't wait to hold him again! His blessing was wonderful! Im glad we could be there!