Body Week!!

Skylar and I had such a great week learning all about the body. She loved having me trace her on a big piece of paper, and then telling me all her different body parts and coloring herself. She has had her "Skylar" hanging up in her room for over a week now :) We also had fun learning about the five senses and faces. I think her favorite thing was the face we made out of fruit, she thought it was sooo funny that it had string cheese for hair. I am so grateful for my crazy little Skylar. Even though she can be a little intense, she is so smart, and when you really put in the time to play and teach her things she shows so much love back. All week she kept saying "thank you for playing with me mommy, I love you the most!" What a sweetheart!


Super Heumann

That is a great idea! I will have to try it with Max in the summer, he would love it!


I love Skylar! She is so stinkin cute! you are such a creative mom! all i can think of is watching Tv :) You need to give me some tips!