Repentance Family Home Evening {Alma the Younger and Sons of Mosiah Repent}

Wow...where did the last 5 months ago?!  Life has just seemed SO busy, but now that 3 of my kids are in school and one is heading to preschool next week, I thought just maybe I could get back into this whole blogging thing ;)  I have missed blogging.  I can't guarantee how regular it will be, or how creative or great the ideas will be, but if you are still around I hope you will find something here of value or that brightens your day!
One TERRIBLE habit we got into over the summer was missing our FHE's.  I have felt inspired lately that my family desperately needs me to step it up, and make family home evening a priority for us once again.  With how often I plead with Heavenly Father to help me create more peace in our home and more love between my children, I figured a good start would be to listen the whisperings of the Spirit.  It has been prompting me to get back to the basics...family scripture study, family prayer and family home evenings!
With that said, we are continuing our lessons from the Book of Mormon, and this lesson is based on Alma the Younger and the Sons of Mosiah Repent.  You know I love a good printable, so I made this one up with a quote from Elder Richard G. Scott.

Once we reviewed the story of Alma the Younger and the Sons of Mosiah we talked about the different steps to repentance.  To help the kids remember them a little bit better and reinforce the ideas I made a simple matching game for them to play.  All you need to do is print this sheet out twice and cardstock and you will be good to go!  You could also just print out one sheet and let your kids take turns putting the different steps in the proper order...I just thought of that while I was typing! ;)
After our game I did a really simple activity that I found on Sugardoodle.  I printed off a picture of Alma that I found HERE.  Then I put the picture in a frame we had lying around and got a few little spray bottles and dry erase markers. 

We talked about how sin makes us feel...dirty, messy, and not happy.  As we were talking I let the kids go to town scribbling ALL over the picture of Alma.  Once they were done, we talked about how repentance can make us feel.  If we follow the proper steps we can be made clean again.  While we spoke about that I let the kids take turns spraying the picture with water...
I love object lessons like this because you can see the light go off for your kids...following the steps of repentance CAN make you clean again, just like spraying water on the picture made Alma clean again!
Overall, it was a simple, fun family home evening that the kids seemed to enjoy, and hopefully even learned something from.  I know beyond a doubt that my kids will face some tough things in their lives, as we all do.  As their mother I hope that they will make good choices, but I also know that they will fall short, as I constantly do.  It is SO important that they understand repentance and about the Atonement, so when situations arrive, they will know all is not lost and they will have the strength and fortitude to find their way back.
Thank you SO much for stopping by today.  I have truly missed this little blog of mine and hope to share more with you soon!

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