"If ye are prepared..." Family Home Evening


Yep...last nights family home evening topic was pretty much a no-brainer ;)

After having 5 minutes to evacuate my family from our home last Friday, I knew we needed to update our 72-hour kits and talk to the kids about the importance of being prepared.  I wanted to really focus on the scripture found in Doctrine and Covenants 38:30..."If ye are prepared ye shall not fear."

This was so important to focus on...because there has been a lot of fear in our house since last Friday. My kids keep asking if the fire is really gone, or if we are going to have to leave our house again.  I tried to impress upon them the principle of following the prophet, preparing ourselves, and then letting go of that fear.  Once you have done everything you can to be ready for situations it is so much easier to put the rest in the Lord's hands, and feel confident that you have done everything you could.

We packed up the family and went over to our local Walmart :)  We bought everything we needed to update our 72-hour kits and make them a little more usable.  I realized as great as freeze-dried food and ponchos are...we really need to have bags that we can grab that just have the basics you need if you can't come home for a few days.

I found THIS awesome list for things to put in a 72-hour kit.  I love how detailed the list is, and there are TONS of other great printables like a food storage inventory and much more!

After we got home and were putting the kids to bed, Skylar said she was going to sleep much better that night because she knew we were prepared.  I felt exactly the same way.  Heavenly Father loves us, and gives us guidance through our prophets about how we can prepare ourselves in this life.  When hard and scary times come, which they inevitably will, I want to be able to go the Lord for help knowing I did everything I could to prepare my family.

So if you are like us and WAY behind on those kits ( I mean really...I didn't even have one for Avrie!!)  I would encourage you to at least get started!  It can feel overwhelming, but I know Heavenly Father is pleased when we at least TRY to follow his counsel :)



Great lesson idea! We realllly need to do this at our house! Hey, you don't live in Saratoga Springs, do you? I guess there's fires all over, but that was the same evacuation day as our old neighborhood!

Danielle Wagasky

I am so glad you linked up to the Feature Friday Party, since now I found your cute blog. I love all your fun ideas. I am now following you via GFC and pinterest:>

Danielle @ Blissful and Domestic


I just planned an FHE on preparedness for almost that same reason. My daughter injured her foot last week, and I realized that we are way lacking in emergency supplies. If I hadn't been prompted to buy a tiny first aid kit last week we wouldn't have even had bandaids! Thanks for the resources, we'll be building our 72 hour kits over the next couple of weeks.